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  • TWIN launches the Technical Communication Professional program in partnership with Institution of Engineers (India)

    07 Nov 2015
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    TWIN launches the Technical Communication Professional program in partnership with Institution of Engineers (India)

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    • 26 Aug, 2014
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    TWIN has partnered with Institution of Engineers (India) to launch a training program for aspiring technical writers. The program is called “Technical Communication Professional (TCP)”.

    A team of industry experts have come together to craft this training program and have placed special emphasis on the following aspects:

    • Content quality: The course material is developed by a group of experts from the technical communication domain (i.e., lead technical writers and documentation managers) and is, therefore, based on their first-hand experience.
    • Trainers: Training will be conducted by experienced technical writers and/or documentation managers. This will help students learn real-world use cases and best practices.
    • Certification: The training certificate will be issued by two established entities: TWIN (the oldest and largest community of technical writers) and Institution of Engineers (a government-recognized institution and one of the largest professional bodies of India with over 7,00,000 members from 15 engineering disciplines).
    • Assessment: The question paper will be developed by a committee of experts from the technical communication industry, and the project viva will be conducted by the same committee members.
    • Course fee: This will be the most affordable training program in India (probably, in the world) for aspiring technical writers. We are offering the course at an introductory price of 14,999 INR.
    • Placement: TWIN is working with various documentation managers in the industry to ensure that students who successfully complete this course get an internship opportunity.

    With this program, TWIN intends to:

    • Teach all the fundamental concepts required to be a professional technical writer.
    • Make the basic technical writing training affordable for aspiring technical writers.
    • Create awareness about technical writing across India by leveraging the IE(I) network of engineering colleges.

    Note: The course is starting in Bangalore as a pilot project; eventually, it will be conducted in many other cities of India. To scale this initiative, TWIN will obviously need support from the TWIN community members. If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please write to Akash Dubey at akashjd@gmail.com.

    Here are the details of the first batch, which is starting in Bangalore on November 22, 2014:

    • Duration: 4 weekends
    • Trainers: Experienced technical writers and documentation managers
    • Certification: By TWIN and Institution of Engineers (India)
    • Fees: 14,999 INR only

    The registration details will be shared shortly. If you have any questions on this training program, please write to a Akash Dubey at akashjd@gmail.com.

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